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2014-02-24 - Well, I said not to count it out and I meant it. Nearly 5 years ago I made the EXTREMELY difficult decision to take SLAVED offline. During that time we have seen Chris put out some terrific solo albums (Scream and Songbook) and singles (Misery Chain), Soundgarden re-unite and release new music (Telephantasm, Live on I-5 and King Animal), Rage Against the Machine re-unite for some shows and Tom also release some awesome solo albums (The Fabled City, Live at Lime and World Wide Rebel Songs). What a five years it has been! :)

During this time, I have been sitting on a mountain of Audioslave (Yes, remember them?) content that is collecting dust, but is in dire need of organization to pay respect to the 6 prolific years that Audioslave made music. I have to say that attending the shows and meeting fellow-fans from the site remain very fond memories that are not soon to be forgotten.

Over the next few months, I will bring as much material back online as I can so that it can be properly archived and respected.

In the meantime, come visit and support my new site Dietary Dogma. It is related to diet, nutrition, fitness and guideline reform.

Earlier this month, I started a petition to stop the USDA from being involved in issuing our national dietary guidelines. Right now, the USDA is responsible for promoting and subsidizing our agricultural products (corn, soy, cotton, wheat, rice, etc.) while also sharing in the responsibility of providing our national dietary recommendations. Since 1980 when the first guidelines were introduced, rates of obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, Alzheimer's and Heart Disease have risen dramatically. The food industry has been very successful at influencing the USDA resulting in guidelines that are vague and ambiguous in nature as not to affect business. The petition is a bottom-up effort and needs all of the help it can get. I ask all those who once supported SLAVED to support the petition by signing it and spreading word of it to others.

To sign it, you can go to the following link or click on the banner below:

Thanks for everything and Rock On!

Sincerely Yours,
Bill Murrin (Audioslaved)
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